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We are driven by fair financial returns on our projects and services and it is our ambition to be sustainably profitable.

This allows us continued investment in our highly versatile fleet and people, thus providing our customers what they value and adding maximum value to the indigenous Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry. 



Resourceful, Open, Passionate, and Entrepreneurial. Like plies in a ROPE, these core values are braided together to become something that is stronger than the sum of their parts. The combination of these values forms the solid foundation for all our operations.

With a broad range of “hybrid” professionals and with extensive teamwork with our clients, we are creative in finding tailored solutions for our client’s requirements. With pro-active project management and “our stepping out of the box” mentality, we have the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties and solve any issue.

With short internal communication lines, our honesty and transparency, we approach our clients with an open mind.

Our people are ambitious, determined, driven and committed to give our clients added value and exceed their expectations. We take pride in what we do and go the extra mile because we care. We thrive on challenges and good results (safety, financial, commercial and client satisfaction).

With our “can-do” and “getting things done” mentality, we easily adapt to changing environments and are not afraid to look at new market segments. We have a pragmatic and proactive attitude, which enable us to get things done no matter the hurdles which have to be taken.