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Due to the unique versatility of the West African Ventures' DP-3 construction fleet, the group has the ability to offer its customers a wide range of SURF services, all which can be executed with ONE vessel.

These services involve EPIC of subsea oil and gas, flexible pipelines (including risers and flowlines, umbilicals / control lines), and subsea infrastructure (including manifolds and templates, among others) associated with subsea to subsea or subsea to floating infrastructure developments. We also provide Inspection, Repair and Maintenance (IRM) services.

Both Jascon 25 and Jascon 34 feature a large and unobstructed deck area of 1,500 m2 and main cranes of 800 tons. This makes them extremely suitable for worldwide SURF projects. From the installation of subsea umbilicals, risers, flowlines to subsea manifolds and templates. Jascon 34 also features a moonpool and chainlockers, which enables the vessel to support diving operations.

Jascon 31, with its specialist deepwater AHC crane of 400 ​mT as well as its moonpool, is very suitable for a great variety of deepwater installation work as well as supporting diving operations. 



Erha North Ph-2 Project

Jascon 31

Jascon 25