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With its modern and flexible DP-3 construction fleet West African Ventures is able to offer its clients a range of conventional services, from very shallow to ultra deep water enviroments.

These services involve EPIC of production platforms and associated rigid pipelines, PLEM and buoy installation.

Jascon 25, Jascon 30 and Jascon 34 are very suitable to execute these kind of projects with their capability of rigid pipelay and main crane capacities of between 270 and 800 tons.

For the shallow water projects in Nigeria and West Africa WAV utilizes its anchored shallow water construction barges Jascon 2 (Pipelay Accommodation barge) and Jascon 8 (Construction Accommodation barge).

WAV is able to execute offshore installation work from shore approach and beach to deep water area and has successfully completed a number of these projects to date. 



Okpoho-Okono Project

Jascon 30

Jascon 2

Jascon 21

EGP3A Ph-2 Project

Jascon 30

Jascon 2

Jascon 55

EGP3A Ph-1 Project

Jascon 30

Jascon 2

TIP Escravos Project

Jascon 2

Jascon 11

Jascon 24