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With their big working decks, considerable crane sizes and substantial accommodation facilities, a part of the DP-3 construction fleet is very well suited to perform a great variety of decommissioning work.

Our DP-3 vessels have large working decks up to 1,500 m2, sizable cranes with capacities up to ​800 mT, suitable for any offshore construction project. This includes platform installation, construction, decommissioning, brownfield modification activities or topsides heavy lift projects​.

We can offer a 100% in-ho​use vessel solution with unrivalled levels of control and flexibility​, with our marine support fleet, consisting of DP2 support vessels, tugs, barges, PSVs and crew boats.



Delta South Project

Jascon 25

Jascon 2

Jascon 40

Sendje Berge Project

Jascon 31