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In West African Ventures, we are committed to the Nigerian Content Policy by maximising the local resources input in the planning, engineering and everything else that is needed, through to the implementation and delivery of Nigerian projects.

Our Commitment Includes:

  • Promoting the utilization of local raw materials and human capacity for the provision of services to the oil and gas industry;
  • Enhancing capacity building through effective training of personnel and to encourage the transfer of knowledge between expatriates And Nigerians through well-defined succession planning;
  • Prioritizing local procurement of goods and services as first choice consideration for all projects;
  • Utilizing local suppliers and sub-contractors,  through continuous assessment and  improvement strategies;
  • Involving Nigerian financial institutions in managing and funding of our business ventures.

We have obtained:

  • NCD company categorization AA
  • Vessels built in Nigeria categorized AAA

WAV is adding value to the Nigerian economy by contributing to the efforts of making Nigeria a one stop shop for service delivery within the West African sub-region.